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Joshua Tree in the desert


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Girl in the desert wearing Patagonia puffer and Blenders sunglasses
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Pinks and oranges color the sky

Highlighting clouds flowing by

Each dawn is a clean slate


Whales may spout on the horizon

Rain may patter through the redwoods’ leaves

Wind may rock the truck in barren landscapes


Fresh eyes take on the day

Relishing in the beauty and challenges of nature

Talent and form adapt to its’ wills 


Accomplished from a day in the elements

Eyes droop as dusk leads into night

Awaiting the next sunrise

Fall Camping in Yosemite National Park

A Thanksgiving you won’t Forget Ever wonder what Yosemite Valley would look like without all the tourists? You might want to try visiting...

New Mexico Roadtrip to Taos Pueblo

40 degrees outside and a small group of dedicated breakfast aficionados were huddled outside a small, stucco building in an industrial...

A Fisherman’s Dream Trip

Tony Reyes Fishing Trip, Sea of Cortez, San Felipe, Mexico Driving down a dark, desolate highway to Mexico, fishing poles and coolers...

Star-Dazed & Sun-Scorched in the Mojave

Bright stars, glorious sunrises, and lava caves all epitomize our weekend getaway in Mojave National Preserve. But it wasn't all stars...

Patagonia Nano Puff Review

For over a decade Patagonia’s flagship “puffer” jacket, the nano puff, has been at the top of the list for outdoor enthusiasts wanting a...

California Homebrew Festival!!!

Camaraderie abounds at the great CHA festival, centered on a popular solvent, BEER! Homebrewers come together at Vail Lake RV Resort for...

Camping Little Basin Redwood State Park

Camping at Little Basin Redwood State Park is a serene experience. With the worlds tallest trees surrounding you and the closest...

Backpacking Parsons Landing, Catalina Island.

Beach camping in Southern California at its finest. Parsons Landing is truly a spectacular place. If you’re looking for an amazing...

Chiquito Falls

A Roaring Good Hike to a Southern California Waterfall! In Southern California, waterfalls come and go with the rain. After a few rainy...

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