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Camping Little Basin Redwood State Park

Camping at Little Basin Redwood State Park is a serene experience. With the worlds tallest trees surrounding you and the closest neighboring campsite a five-minute walk away, you feel separated from civilization. Especially since there is no cell service in the campground. We stayed at campsite #23, which is one of the more remote sites.

Sempervirens Falls

The redwoods are beautiful. Hiking through the huge trees, rays of light glide through the green canopy casting the ground in verdant hues. The trees are home to many unique creatures. Bright banana slugs climb their trunks and colorful fungus nestle in the cracks of the fallen. Grey squirrels and raccoons scurry amongst the trees and hide in the underbrush, just beyond the glow of campfire. At night the trees obscure light, making anything beyond 5 meters from the campfire pitch black.

Shadowbrook Trail

At Little Basin Redwood State Park we hiked Tanbark Loop Trail to Buzzard’s Roost Spur. Much of the trail was muddy from the rain and brooks crossed our path carrying the detritus of the floor. Salamanders reveled in the wet environs, crawling underfoot across our path. After spotting a few, we carefully trekked the trail, not wanting to harm any of the little amphibians. Over the course of the hike, there was some elevation gain but overall a moderate hike. The total mileage was approximately 3.5 miles round trip.

Big Basin Redwood State Park is much more crowded. It took several minutes to find parking at the visitor center. After taking a quick look at the trail map, we decided to take Sequoia Trail to Shadowbrook Trail. Mud encased our boots after the first 5 minutes of hiking, which may be why the trail seemed deserted. Along the way, Sempervirens Falls gracefully fell into a swiftly flowing creek. Redwoods adorned with moss, ferns, and fungus abounded along the path. Big Basin Redwood State Park is truly a magical place and I can’t wait to explore more.


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