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Next-Sunrize is an adventure and travel blog with gear reviews on products that aid in our adventures. Based in Southern California, we take weekends and vacation time from our 9-5 office jobs to adventure around the United States and abroad. Founded in January 2019 as a creative outlet for our writing and photography. So now camera and notepad in hand, we record our experiences of travels, day adventures, and the gear we use to make it happen. Most of our adventures include hiking, camping, scuba diving or a combination of these. 


Every new adventure brings new perspectives and appreciation for the beautiful earth. We hope that you enjoy traveling with us and gain more insights as a result. As always please feel free to comment! See you at the next-sunrize.

Girl in desert

Brooke H.   Writer & Editor 

Man overlooking ocean on cliffside

Josh W.   Photographer & Editor 

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